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A Place of Reckoning is available for PRE-ORDER on Amazon NOW (out on 31/3/2020)


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The designs below have been created to make spreading the word about the gripping crime novel A Place of Reckoning, easy.


To use them follow the steps below...


1. Open an internet browser, and visit  https://www.jfburgess.co.uk/aplace-of-reckoning-promotion 


2. Open a new tab then login to your Facebook or Twiter page


3. Go back to this page and hover your mouse over one of the graphics, right-click and select copy. Go to Facebook or Twitter and paste your chosen graphic in.


Right-click on one of the graphics, select "save as" and save the file to your desktop, then upload to your social media posts.

 Facebook post 

 Twitter post 

 Book covers to post on any social media

 Printable bookmark to share with readers

Facebook post (use on launch day 31/3/2020