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Detective Tom Blake Series

The books in my Detective Tom Blake Murder Mystery series are separate criminal cases, however, they're best read in order so you can follow Blake and his daughter Isabel's character development. 

If you’ve already read any of the books, out of order, don't worry it won’t spoil your enjoyment of the rest of the series, but will provide some background.

My recommended reading order is:


BOOK 1, The Killer Shadow Thieves 

BOOK 2, A Place of Reckoning 

BOOK 3, The Missing And The Dead 

BOOK 4, Hidden Depths 99p/99c

BOOK 5, Death of Innocence 

BOOK 6, A Murderous Christmas (standalone novella) 99p/99c

All books are available on Amazon in the UK, US, Canada and the rest of the world!


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The Killer Shadow Thieves BB3.png

Could you commit murder to save your daughter's life? DI Tom Blake may have to if he wants to see his alive again.


In a cruel twist of fate, Blake’s only living child, his teenage daughter Isabel, is abducted, propelling the bereft detective on a dangerous journey to bring her home safely.

Operating outside the law, he’s racing against the clock, chasing a shadowy killer driven by greed and revenge.

Discover the electrifying, nail-bitingly tense, twisting police thriller with a shocking ending.

place of reckoning front.jpg

A deadly secret. A dark obsession. A terrifying killer.

Annabelle Lancaster appears to have everything – health, beauty and a rich and powerful tycoon for a husband. But she fears someone has been following her.

When she suddenly disappears and the body of another woman turns up in a remote Peak District pool, DI Tom Blake and FBI profiler Lucy Stryker think the kidnap and brutal murder might be connected.


This British detective novel will keep you hooked until the final shocking twist.

missing and the dead front A.jpg

A forty-two-year-old murder...
When DI Tom Blake investigates the alarming discovery of human remains on a demolition site. The bones confront him with a cold case from 1978.

Missing children...
Six-year-old Daisy Ellis went missing the night her house burned down in 1978, killing both her parents. Two days later, Lorna Atwood, thirteen, disappeared and was never seen again.

A killer who has never been caught...
Blake's hunt for the killer strikes fear into the hearts of the witnesses as it takes him back in time to a derelict children's home: a place with a disturbing history.



Where the land meets the sea, a killer stalks. He knows his victims' darkest secrets, and he’s waited a lifetime to take his revenge.

When a divorced woman is discovered floating in her bath in Stoke, Detective Tom Blake is called to investigate. It appears to be an open-and-shut case of suicide…

…until other women who also belong to the Never Too Late to Find Love Facebook dating group begin to turn up dead at historic landmarks in Snowdonia.

Blake is seconded to North Wales Police to work with DI Robyn Lloyd on the case.

But the detectives soon realise wealthy, English women looking for love are only part of the killer’s evil plan.


Hidden Depths A.jpg
death of innocence front.jpg

A secret so deadly, no one is safe.

When controversial journalist Rosalyn French is captured on CCTV stumbling barefoot around a multi-storey car park after her laptop is stolen, DI Tom Blake is called in to investigate.

Twenty-four hours later, her body is discovered floating face down in a canal. Rosalyn has been secretly meeting with a world-renowned scientist.

When the scientist is found dead in his lab with a knife clenched in his hand and Famacoxin kills carved into his desk, DI Blake must ask himself: is this smear of a groundbreaking children's cancer drug, funded by millions in research dollars, covering up far more sinister deeds?

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