April 2020 book giveaway
1st prize:  Micheal Anderson, Atlanta
2nd prize: Sofie Williams, Salt Lake City
3rd prize: Brooke Mcfadden, Boston
4th prize Clara Morales, New York
April/May 2019 book giveaway

1st prize: David W

2nd prize: Colin Fripp

3rd prize: 

4th prize: Mark Betchley

Decembers 12 Days of Christmas were won by...

DAY 1: Peggy Beaver, 

DAY 2: Alan Nicholson, Newcastle

DAY 3 Sharon Barnard, Gloucester

DAY 4: David Walsh, Craigavon

DAY 5: Alyson Read,

DAY6: Helen Ladbrook, Dorset

DAY 7: Clive Nightingale, Swindon

DAY 8: Jean Daly, Cumbria

DAY 9: Sara Heart, Liverpool

DAY 10: Sheila Moor, Hartlepool

DAY 11: Jason O'Byrne, London

DAY 12: Lisa Hall, Torquay

August's Competition

The winner was Joanne Bennett from WREXHAM. Here she is with her FREE book haul!

May 2020 book giveaway
1st prize: Colleen, Torres, Denver
2nd prize: Susan Vance, Miami 
3rd prize: Leslie Olson, Seatle
4th prize: Craig Cochran, Madison
March 2019 book giveaway

1st prize: Jason Murry from Birkenhead 
2nd prize: Shiva Patel from London
3rd prize: Susan Booth Bradford
4th prize: Brain Chadwick from Mid-Glamorgan
5th prize: Lola Arnold from Cornwall 

Thanks to Jason Murry for sending me a picture of his prize

I have added a copy of… THE PUPPET SHOW, as a 5th prize.

         October prizes were won by...

1st prize: Hannah Bullimore, Tyne & Wear

2nd Prize: Jude Wright, Hampshire

3rd: Prize: Pete Gosforth, Derbyshire

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