The Killer Shadow Thieves: A compelling murder mystery full of twists you won’t see coming (DI Tom Blake book 1) 


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a) Do you love gripping detective novels full of twists? Like Joy Elis, Mark Billingham, and Mel Sherratt? Try J.F.Burgess

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c) A ruthless gang. A detective on the edge. A mystery that HAS to be solved.

d) A scooterboy. A murdered skinhead. A ruthless gang. A daring heist of the Staffordshire Hoard


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The paperback version should be readily available around  23/24th of November  2018



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Book Synopsis

Widowed detective DI Tom Blake sets off a chain of events that change his life forever, when the brutal murder of an alcoholic skinhead, and arrest of a vicious Turkish loan shark, unwittingly disrupts an international gang’s daring plans to steal the world-famous Staffordshire Hoard.

In a cruel twist of fate, Blake’s daughter is kidnapped and the trail propels the bereft detective on a personal quest to Miami to save her life. Operating outside the law, he enters into an illicit showdown with a mysterious artefacts Collector, almost costing him his life.

As the body count rises, Blake and his team struggle to unravel the conspiracy of a shadowy killer who leaves no trace. With only circumstantial evidence against each of the suspects, they hit a wall, until twenty-six-year-old photographs linking them to the murdered skinhead emerge. It seems the victim’s depraved past is the key to identifying the killer.

Can the police uncover the truth through all the lies and deception, and crack the case before someone else gets killed? And will they recover a legendary national treasure, worth millions, before it’s lost forever?



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