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5 STAR reviews for A Place of Reckoning on Amazon and Goodreads

by J.F. Burgess (Goodreads Author)

The second book in the Detective Tom Blake series, A place of reckoning is a brilliant sequel that has built on, and improved, the strengths of the first novel. It was great to catch up with Blake and Murphy, as the two detectives go on the hunt for a kidnapper and killer. The plot moves at a great pace, with the reader not being sure what is on the next page, it makes for an incredibly compelling read. I was completely engrossed throughout, with Burgess’ writing making this an emotional and enjoyable roller-coaster of a read. Both Blake and Murphy were back on form in this book, with their banter and relationship being a nice undertone throughout – it is a healthy friendship that is borne out of respect and is clear throughout the novel (this was one of my favourite elements of the first book and I was happy to see it continue). Lucy Strykder was a great addition, changing the dynamic subtly, and she was so well thought out and written I hope to see more of her in future novels. The partnership between the three is one of my favourite things throughout this novel and I can’t wait to see it develop.

Annabelle was such a sympathetic character, and I loved her parts in this story as it was so interesting to see how she was reacting to the whole situation. Burgess is able to create tension and unease throughout the book, but more so in Annabelle’s sections due to the nature of her story. The rest of the cast (with Patrick and Olivia are stand outs for me) are also multifaceted and the reader will develop sympathy even for the villains of the piece. It makes for a set of characters that will remain with you for a long time after you have put the novel down. The story itself is well thought out and has some high tension moments that will keep the reader at the edge of their seats. The two plot lines are expertly interwoven, and the flow of the story is maintained throughout. I loved the pacing and how the story was told, although I did not solve the ending I certainly was not disappointed. The book starts off strong, drawing the reader in and continues to do so until the last page. The ending is a bit of a cliff-hanger and I am excited to see where Mr Burgess plans to take this series. Download the book now...

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From the publisher:

A Place of Reckoning is a must-read, police procedural, murder mystery, thriller, with deadly psychological twists and turns to keep readers enthralled!

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