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An Interview With J F Burgess

This week, it’s my pleasure to introduce crime author, J.F. Burgess who I met recently. I was instantly intrigued by his books. Esther Chilton tutor for The Writers Bureau
April 24, 2020

Q. Your latest book, A Place of Reckoning, has just been released. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

It’s the second book in the DI Tom Blake series. Blake and his team, along with FBI profiler, Lucy Stryker, are in a race against time to find the kidnapped wife of wealthy pottery owner, Charles Lancaster. It appears at first to be a revenge kidnap by a devious Irish

criminal, Patrick Dunne, whose son tragically died in an accident working in a factory owned by Lancaster. However, there is a sadistic killer on the loose murdering women; their headless bodies turn up with cryptic tarot cards tattooed on their backs. It seems the killer is part of a sadistic cult. Blake, his team and Stryker are up against it in this fast-paced crime thriller, to solve the murders before Lancaster’s wife becomes the next victim.

Read the full interview here to find out more about me, my writing, and the forgotten UK town with dark secrets featured in the compelling DI Tom Blake Murder Squad Series.

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