The Killer Shadow Thieves. A gripping murder mystery (DI Tom Blake Book 1)

Could you commit murder to save your daughter's life?

DI Tom Blake may have to if he wants see his alive again.


A man with a secret is MURDERED. A detective’s daughter is ABDUCTED. Two illegals are ASSASSINATED. What connects them?


When he foils a deadly heroin deal, widowed detective DI Tom Blake sets off a chain of events that change his life forever. Things become even more perilous when seemingly unconnected, links between the gruesome murder of a skinhead, and the arrest of a vicious loan shark, unwittingly disrupt an international gang’s daring plans to steal the world-famous Staffordshire Hoard.


In a cruel twist of fate, Blake’s teenage daughter is abducted, propelling the bereft detective on a quest to save her life. Operating outside the law, he’s racing against the clock, following a murderous trail that leads him from the shady world of stolen artefacts, across America, and all the way back to Stoke, chasing a shadowy killer driven by greed and revenge.


As the body count rises, Blake and his team struggle to unravel the conspiracy and with only circumstantial evidence against each of the suspects, they hit a wall, until twenty-six-year-old photographs linking them to murders emerge. It seems the victim’s depraved past is the key to identifying the killer.


Can the police uncover the truth through all the deception and crack the case before the killer murders anyone else who threatens to expose him? And will they recover a legendary national treasure, worth millions, before it’s lost forever?


A brilliantly executed police thriller with an explosive ending!


Discover the electrifying, nail-bitingly tense, twisting new police thriller with a shocking ending, from J.F.Burgess.


Perfect for fans of: Ian Rankin, Angela Marsons, Joy Ellis, Val McDermid, Peter James and Mel Sherratt.


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Book 2 in the DI Tom Blake series... A Place of Reckoning is OUT NOW! And it's got 5 STAR reviews on GOODREADS and Amazon!


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                                                            What readers are saying:


'WOW, what a debut novel this is!!!!! It drew me in from the first page and kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. It totally blew me away. Packed full of action and twists I didn't see coming!' Audrey Gibson GOODREADS 5 stars

‘A very exciting debut novel.’  Alyson R AMAZON 4 stars

‘A really compelling read. Just couldn’t put it down.’ Ron Allcock  AMAZON 5 stars

'Brilliant debut, exciting, intriguing and very well paced and written.’  MARK FEARN BOOKMARK 5 stars

'This is the first novel by this author and it is a shocker! Brilliantly thought through and executed.’ Mrs J AMAZON 5 stars

‘A real page-turner from start to finish and the ending is brilliant not the usual run of the mill at all. If you want to know why read the book, it’s brilliant.’  John Thys  AMAZON 5 stars

'The book is a roller-coaster read, offering a cunningly woven web of sex, drugs, violence and crime' MAX PINNER AUSTRALIA 

'I was immediately rooting for DI Blake and DS Murphy and loved their on-page banter. The introduction of all the characters was done incredibly well and held my interest.' BOOK JAR JOURNEYS

The Killer Shadow Thieves. A gripping murder mystery (DI Tom Blake Book 1)

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